Deep Learning course with NLP and Self Driving Car

Deep Learning course and training is provided online and offline in Bangalore,Delhi,Chennai,Hyderabad,Mumbai and Pune
The Deep Learning course and training will help build solid foundation on Neural Network,Deep Reinforcement algorithm and help you build autonomous car model
This course is build to bring best course of Deep Learning in United States(New York,California,Boston)

  • Deep Learning course and training expect you to learn following after the course:
  • Build Artificial Intelligence application with Deep Learning model
  • Deep learning training and course in Bangalore will help you master TensorFlow and Keras Deep learning model
  • Build Self Driving Car simulator using  Deep Neural Network
  • Build robust application using NLP, Speech to Text and Cognitive computing with 94 percent accuracy using Deep learning model
  • Sniffer Search Deep Learning course from Bangalore will help you stand out from crowd and get the best job in market .


Deep Learning course is recommended for those who already know python programming

and supervised and unsupervised learning model. We also suggest freshers to enroll

Python and machine learning before enrolling the course of Deep learning .

Where Deep Learning is used:

Build face recognition using  deep learning

Lot of startup and Big giant like Boeing is researching and building drone and autonomous flying object

Self Driving Car is one of the hottest technology building using Deep learning

Scope of Deep Learning in  United States and India:

Size of the deep learning market in the United States, is 80 million and total job in deep learning  across united states and other developing countries are  18,000.

Deep Learning Engineer pay is highest in Industry and can earn $( 130K-200K) .

In India ,Deep Learning salary range from 15 Lakh to 1 Crore .

Bangalore has 1000 of job in Deep Learning and Machine learning  which require neural network ,reinforcement algorithm and NLP expert .Sniffer Search Deep Learning training help you stand out from competition and

FeedBack: This course is recognized by premier institution across United States and India

Course Curriculum

Artificial Neural Network and Biological Neural Network---Artificial Neural Networks, in general — is a biologically inspired network of artificial neurons configured to perform specific tasks
Similarity of ANN with Biological Neural Network 00:00:00
How Does Artificial Neural Network Works? 00:00:00
Architecture of Artificial Neural Networks 00:00:00
Popular Neural Network Architectures
Single layer Perception 00:00:00
Multi Layer Perception 00:00:00
Recurrent Neural Network 00:00:00
LSTM Recurrent Neural Network 00:00:00
Hopfield Network 00:00:00
Boltzmann Machine 00:00:00
Neural Network for Deep Learning
Feed-forward neural networks 00:00:00
Recurrent neural network 00:00:00
Multi-layer perceptrons (MLP) 00:00:00
Convolutional neural networks 00:00:00
Using neural nets to recognize handwritten digits
How the backpropagation algorithm works
Improving Neural Network Learn
Learn how to build convolutional networks and use them to classify images (faces, melanomas, etc.) based on objects that appear in them.
Deep Reinforcement Learning Use deep neural networks to design agents that can learn to take actions in a simulated environment. Apply reinforcement learning to complex control tasks like video games and robotics.
Introduction of NLP
Advanced Recurrent Neural Networks: Long Short Term Memory and Gated Recurrent Units; large scale language modeling, open vocabulary language modelling and morphology
Speech Recognition: Neural Networks for acoustic modelling and end-to-end speech models.
Question Answering: QA tasks and paradigms; neural attention mechanisms and Memory Networks for QA.
Linguistic models: syntactic and seminatic parsing with recurrent networks.
Build Application for Sentiment Analysis
Build Autonomous Vehicle -Project learn and implement basic prototype

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