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Chatbot Development from basic to Advance technique using training data with NLP and Deep learning (LSTM model)


In this course you will learn:

  • How to Build Chatbot from scratch
  • Chatbot Responsive UI and Button
  • Chatbot Backend  framework  and integration with Dialogflow and Facebook
  • Train Data using NLP and Deep leanring
  • Configure Dialogflow  with Intent and response
  • Facebook messanger Bot with Chatfeul


Course Curriculum

Chatbot Basic
• Understand and learn about conversational interfaces and agents 00:00:00
• Understand UI for Chatbot 00:00:00
• Importance of good UX in Chatbot Design 00:00:00
• Understand the role of Natural Language Processing and AI 00:00:00
Build a Chatbot with zero coding 00:00:00
• Understanding intents and entities 00:00:00
• Understand and use Python Programming for building basic chatbots 00:00:00
• Deploying a bot on the Facebook Messenger Platform 00:00:00
Deploying a bot on Slack 00:00:00
• Advantage and Disadvantage of Building Chatbot from scratch Vs using Framework 00:00:00
Creating Chatbot Framework from Scratch
• Create Chatbot UI using HTML,CSS and Javascript 00:00:00
Create Speech to Text Javascript API 00:00:00
Create Event for Dialogflow 00:00:00
Create Button 00:00:00
Automate Business requirement using logical flow 00:00:00
End to End Chatbot with Python,Dialogflow and Messanger Bot
Understand Dialogflow ,Create Intent and response 00:00:00
How to training the bot to get relevant answer for long and short sentence .Guidelines For using NLP with DialogFlow 00:00:00
REST API and PYthon working with UI and API from Dialogflow 00:00:00
Configure ,install API for messanger and Dialogflow in server 00:00:00
deploy chatbot in messanger bot 00:00:00
Deep Learning for Chatbot Training
• Integrating Speech to Text in Chatbot 00:00:00
Introduction to NLP and NER 00:00:00
• Introduction to Supervised and Unsupervised learning algorithm 00:00:00
Neural Network and NLP Introduction 00:00:00
• Text Data/Raw Data train from JSON file using Neural Network 00:00:00
• SeqtoSeq Learning Bot Design using Deep learning 00:00:00

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