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Deep learning course from Sniffer Search is hands on training to master skills in test and image/video problem


You will learn:

  • Fundamentals of Machine learning
  • Work on unstructured Data with Deep Neural Network(LSTM model)
  • Work on practical Raw data to analyse image using CNN
  • Build Face recogniton and Anti spoofing
  • Build Sample application using Deep learning and Reinforcement learning
  • Build Chatbot with text data training

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Course Curriculum

Introduction to Neural Network
What is Neural Network 00:00:00
Supervised Learning-Neural Network 00:00:00
Unsupervised Neural Network 00:00:00
Module 1 – Introduction to TensorFlow
What is tensorflow 00:00:00
A simple addition problem with Tensorflow 00:00:00
How to solve machine learning problem using Neural Network 00:00:00
Introduction to Deep Neural Network
Single layer Neural Network Perception 00:00:00
Multi Layer Perception 00:00:00
Implement in Python 00:00:00
Gradient Descent algorithm to minimize error
Learn Gradient Descent,Its flavors and Learning Rate 00:00:00
Convolutional Neural Networks
Understanding of Convolutional Neural Network (CNN) — Deep Learning 00:00:00
Building a Convolutional Neural Network (CNN) in Keras 00:00:00
Recurrent Neural Network
Introduction to Recurrent Neural Network 00:00:00
Understanding how RNN works 00:00:00
Feed-Forward Neural Networks 00:00:00
BackPropagation 00:00:00
Exploding and Vanishing Gradient 00:00:00
Long Short Term Memory
This is an extension of Recurrent Neural Network 00:00:00
Sentiment Analysis
Natural Language Processing
What is NLP 00:00:00
NLTK implementation practical 00:00:00
Dealing with Text Data with NLTK and Scikit-Learn 00:00:00
Project: Build Sentiment Analysis from Scratch
Video tutorial 00:00:00
Project: Build Sentiment Analysis with Twitter API
Project using NLTK and Twitter API 00:00:00
Build Face Recognition System with Face Spoofing
Build Chatbot and Train the model to answer question .Building Chatbot with HTML,CSS,Python and Flask

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