IBM Watson Analytics Certification Training from expert

This course is a guarantee of clearing IBM Watson V3 Application Development certification(C7020-230) .It covers all topic with explanation and practical example to crack the IBM Watson V3 Application Development certification.

At the end of the course you are expected to build cognitive and Machine learning solution using IBM Watson Services API .
Develop IBM Watson Powered Chatbot,Speech to text application and vice versa,visual recognition based application and discovery of data for IBM Watson analytics



What you will learn in this course:

  • What is cognitive computing starting from AI,Machine learning and Deep Learning
  • How IBM Watson works and How it is different than implementing data Science program using python and R .
  • How to Use Bluemix environment for Application development
  • IBM Watson Services like conversation,Speech to text, Visual recognition,Personality Insights, Retrieve and Rank, Tone Analyzer etc with implementation details
  • Build Chatbot using  IBM Watson Service as API
  • you will learn how to collect different big data from sources like Twitter,Facebook,Database and Discover insight using IBM Watson analytics Dashboard.

Who should learn IBM Watson course:

IT Professional working as developer ,automation and Business Analytics Or Engineering/BCA/MCA freshers with some programming knowledge.

Why Should Learn IBM Watson Analytics:

This course will prepare you completely for  certification of “C7020-230 – IBM Watson V3 Application Development” and this is a proof of candidate  having implementation knowledge of IBM Watson Services

There will be shortage of 2 million professional  in India by 2018 and in U.S there are 2.8 million job posted with data analytics skills in year 2017

IBM and Google are leading players in building algorithm and service of Analytics to build robust application and IBM Watson is leading the way in healthcare,Finance ,HR  and many other field with proven case study and industry collaboration.

Salary offered :

Average IBM Watson developer and Analytics professional salary at U.S :1,20,000$ per year

About the instructor: Jamie Rahman has worked on API development on IBM Server product and predictive analytics for 4 years with overall 12 years experience in IT industry with expert level programming knowledge in IBM Watson, C++ and Python.

Author has developed Chatbot based on IBM Watson capable of fulfilling candidate enquiry of job and schedule most relevant job in market without human intervention and is under R.N.D stage .

job assiatance: Once completed the coruse on IBM watson watson


Course Curriculum

Module 1:Overview of Watson Analytics
What is IBM Watson and cognitive computing Details 00:00:00
Discussion on cognitive computing and Deep learning Details 00:00:00
Module2: Introduction to IBM Watson Service
Login to Bluemix environement Details 00:00:00
Module3:Deep Learning and Cognitive computing
understanding Natural Language Processing Details 00:00:00
Assignment :Identifying image with deep learning Details 00:00:00
Module4-Introduction to IBM Watson Service
Discovery:use of discovery for large unstructured data collected Details 00:00:00
Visual recognition Details 00:00:00
Speech to text Details 00:00:00
Module5-ChatBot using IBM Watson Service
How to build Chatbot using conversation service of IBM Watson Details 00:00:00
create dialog,intent for conversation with customer on chat window Details 00:00:00
Module-6 Identify Watson Analytics components and Dashboard overview
Data (Add and refine Data) Details 00:00:00
Discover(Find insights to help solve your business problems Details 00:00:00
Display(Monitor and Communicate your findings to others) Details 00:00:00
Module -7 Work with Data and connectivity
Identify data structure limitations and requirements Details 00:00:00
Upload data from flat files ,Shape data before uploading and Upload data Details 00:00:00
Create a secure Data connection and Gateway Details 00:00:00
Module 8 - Refine data
Join data sets .Add a calculation to the data set Details 00:00:00
Add a data group to the data set Details 00:00:00
Add a hierarchy Details 00:00:00
Change column headings Details 00:00:00
Sort data Details 00:00:00
Module 9-Using the Discovery of IBM Watson Analytics
Understanding data and create story from dashboard Details 00:00:00
Get insight with best pattern and graph to suit data Details 00:00:00
Module10- Assembling Insights to share with others
Create a Story form a dashboard Details 00:00:00
Creating / Customizing Views Details 00:00:00
Changing the Properties of Objects Details 00:00:00
Sharing with Others Details 00:00:00
Module 11:IBM Watson analytics using REST API
Rate Limiting-How many request can be send to Watson Security – Pick a API key Register client configuration Get client configuration Authorization code APIs Password grant API Refresh token API Details 00:00:00
IBM Watson analytics using REST API Details 00:00:00
Module 12: Getting started with Watson Analytics for Social Media
Sample Sales Data: Understand your sales pipeline and uncover what can lead to successful sales opportunities and better anticipate performance gaps. Details 00:00:00
Marketing Quickly analyze test market campaigns based on responses, revenue and other key metrics. Predict who will respond to which campaign by which channel and why. Increase the likelihood of responses and quality of leads in future campaigns. Details 00:00:00
Finance: Understand the factors of successful collection efforts. You can Predict which customers will pay fastest and recover more money and improve collections efficiency. Details 00:00:00
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