Basic to Advance Python -job oriented course in Bangalore

Basic to Advance Python course is designed for freshers looking for career break into IT industry and Automation testers and developers to increase career prospect and scope.
The course is top rated and considered best python training course in bangalore.
The course is taught by renowned and best instructor from IT product MNC’s .






Why Learn Python:

  • When companies and startup looking for developers they look for full stack developers mostly  python and few other language for backend as it works very easily with front end HTML,CSS ,javascript and Python MYSQL at back end with REST Service to communicate between front end and back end.
  • When Networking product companies work on unit testing framework ,python is  the automatic choice.
  • When product companies write third party component for specific purpose,they like python as it can be easily integrated with C++ and JAVA
  • Python is the most popular language for Data Scientist as  it is most widely used programming language among new generation,all data science library available and huge community to support.

Salary offered :

As there are huge shortage of data scientist and python skills  across world,Python with data scientist are highest paid among developers.Freshers  can earn 7-9 lakh with one or two years work experience.For experience of 7-9 years as data scientist ,salary can range between 25-40 lakh based on experience and knowledge.

Why  Learn Python from Sniffer Search

Sniffer Search provide python training and course online and offline in bangalore  . Python Training which is 100 percent job oriented course as per the course content,industry needs and job vacancy.Python job oriented training in Bangalore  covers basic python to advance python like network programming,multithreading and project work of 15 hours on course.


About the instructor:Jamie Rahman have  worked  on C++and Python for 12 years and worked on some most advanced analytics based product. he can guide you on job prospect,resume preparation and interview cracking technique   after the course completed.


Course Curriculum

Python Basic
Python Basic content 00:00:00
Advance python concept
Object Oriented Python 00:00:00
Exception Handling
About Exceptions 00:00:00
Python Generators and Python Decorators
About Decorators 00:00:00
Python Regular Expressions
About Regular Expressions 00:00:00
Sockets & Networking
Socket Basics 00:00:00
Processes and Threads
Running Shell Commands 00:00:00
SSL Client
Networking Basic 00:00:00
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