Basic to Advance Python -job oriented course in Bangalore

Basic to Advance Python course is designed for freshers looking for career break into IT industry and Automation testers and developers to increase career prospect and scope.
The course is top rated and considered best python training course in bangalore.
The course is taught by renowned and best instructor from IT product MNC’s .






Why Learn Python:

  • When companies and startup looking for developers they look for full stack developers mostly  python and few other language for backend as it works very easily with front end HTML,CSS ,javascript and Python MYSQL at back end with REST Service to communicate between front end and back end.
  • When Networking product companies work on unit testing framework ,python is  the automatic choice.
  • When product companies write third party component for specific purpose,they like python as it can be easily integrated with C++ and JAVA
  • Python is the most popular language for Data Scientist as  it is most widely used programming language among new generation,all data science library available and huge community to support.

Salary offered :

As there are huge shortage of data scientist and python skills  across world,Python with data scientist are highest paid among developers.Freshers  can earn 7-9 lakh with one or two years work experience.For experience of 7-9 years as data scientist ,salary can range between 25-40 lakh based on experience and knowledge.

Why  Learn Python from Sniffer Search

Sniffer Search provide python training and course online and offline in bangalore  . Python Training which is 100 percent job oriented course as per the course content,industry needs and job vacancy.Python job oriented training in Bangalore  covers basic python to advance python like network programming,multi threading and project work of 15 hours on course.


About the instructor:Jamie Rahman have  worked  on C++and Python for 12 years and worked on some most advanced analytics based product. he can guide you on job prospect,resume preparation and interview cracking technique   after the course completed.

Location of the training : Online instructor based course and  offline batch in Kammanahalli and Kalyan Nagar which is near to Horamavu,Banaswadi, Nagawara, Hebbal ,RT Nagar and Ramamurty Nagar

Course Curriculum

Python Basic
1.​​ ​Installing & Running Python  Python 2.7 vs Python 3  Local Environment Setup(Linux)  Installing Python on different Platforms(Windows and Linux)  Python Interpreter and Python Interactive Shell  Python IDE  00:00:00
Object Oriented Python 00:00:00
2. Introduction  Python Overview  Python Features  Areas Of Application of Python  Understanding More About Python  Writing your First Python Program  Interactive Mode Programming  Script Mode Programming  Dir and help: Getting help from the Python interpreter. 
3. Python Syntax ,Keywords and Operators  Python Identifiers  Various Operators and Operators Precedence  Reserved Words,Lines and Indentation  Multi-Line Statements,Quotation in Python  Comments in Python,Using Blank Lines  Command Line Arguments  Python Input/Output:Using the Print Function  Getting Input from User  Python Basic Data Types And Variables 
4. Expressions, Statements, Variables  Working With Numbers  Working With Booleans  Working with Strings  String types and formatting  Program to find duplicate characters in a String.  Program to reverse a string  Program to check if String is Palindrome  program to remove a newline in Python 
5. Python Data Types: List,Tuples,Dictionaries  Python Lists,Tuples,Dictionaries  Accessing Values  Basic Operations  Indexing, Slicing, and Matrixes  Built-in Functions & Methods  Exercises on List,Tuples And Dictionary  Remove Duplicate from Lists  Program to find the index of an item of a tuple 
6. Making Decisions – if Statements  The Relational Operators  The Logical Operators  Simple if Statement,if-else Statement  if-elif Statement  More Advanced If, ElIf & Else Processing 
More Advanced If, ElIf & Else Processing  7. Loop Control  Introduction To while Loops  Count-Controlled while Loops  Event-Controlled while Loops  Using continuE,Using break  Introduction To for Loops  For loops with files,list,tuples and dictionaries 
8. Iterators  Understanding Iterators  Using iter And next  Iterators And Dictionaries  Other Iterators  9. Functions And Scopes  Introduction To Functions – Why  Defining Functions  Calling Functions  Functions With Multiple Arguments  Recursive Functions  Function Objects,Generators,Decorators  Anonymous Functions,Higher-Order Functions  Scope ,Global Scope,Local Scope ,Nested Scope  10. Modules  Using Built-In Modules  User-Defined Modules  Module Namespaces 
11. File I/O  Printing to the Screen  Reading Keyboard Input  Opening and Closing Files  open Function,file Object Attributes  close() Method ,Read,write,seek  Rename,remove,  Mkdir,chdir,rmdir  12. Error And Exceptional Handling  Exception Handling,Assertions: The assert Statement  What is Exception,Handling an exception  The except Clause with No Exceptions ,the try-finally Clause  Argument of an Exception,Raising an Exceptions  User-Defined Exceptions 
13. Classes And Objects  Overview of OOP-Creating Classes  Constructor and destructor,Static and instance variable  Creating Instance Objects  Built-In Class Attributes,Destroying Objects  Class Inheritance,Overriding Methods  Base Overloading Methods  Overloading Operators,Data Hiding 
14. Regular Expression  Matching and Searching- match() and search() Functions  Search and Replace  Regular Expression Modifiers  Regular Expression Patterns  Non greedy repetition  Automation with regular expression  15. Logging And Debugging  Logging — Logging facility for Python  Logger Objects,Logging Levels  Creating Log files  Python debugger- ​pdb 16. ​​Writing Unit Testing Code 
17. ​​Multithreading  Overview of Threading model  Properties of Threads  Creating Thread Using Threading Module  Using queue with threads  Synchronizing Thread 
18. Fundamentals of Data Analytics  Numpy  Pandas  Matplotlib  19. Web Development with Python    HTML,CSS ,Javascript   Flask for Web Development  MYsql Database with python  Web Scraping using Beautifulsoup and Scrapy 
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