Deep Learning course with TensorFlow in New York



Deep Learning with TensorFlow course is best course to start for new comers to learn from basic to advance in machine learning and deep learning.

The course is aimed to bring the best of  Deep learning training  in New York.

After Completion of the course ,you  will be able to solve:

  • Complex problem using neural network
  • Build artificial Intelligence (speech to text,NLP solution,Image recognition ,object detection )
  •  Deep  reinforcement algorithm  and Recommended System


Google brain team build and implemented Deep neural network  inside  TensorFlow .In this course you will build expertise  on Deep Learning using Google TensorFlow after completion

Why Sniffer Search: The Deep Learning with TensorFlow  from Sniffer Search training is provided by professional from Top Deep Learning enthusiastic from top product companies in Bangalore and United States

During the training period we provide one to one mentorship so that you can learn at your own speed.

Become a Deep Learning Engineer in Top Companies where you can utilize your skills on Deep learning using TensorFlow.


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